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How does the Accelerate ACC Refund Review work?

Accelerate software scans thousands of client invoices to discover overpayments. We then facilitate client declaration and invoice reassessment to apply for a client refund from ACC.

We can estimate the total refunds your accounting firm is entitled to. Click here to generate an Accelerate ACC Refund Report.

How is it possible to overpay ACC invoices?

ACC calculate levies based on earnings information provided by IRD. To charge the correct levy, ACC must make assumptions based on people’s income and work status based on this earnings information. At times, ACC assumptions are incorrect, and this can result in an overpayment being made.

What is required from an accounting firm to complete an AccelerateACC Refund Review?

There are a few small admin tasks to get started. Once we’ve generated a refund list for your clients, all we need is you to check and approve the listing and client communication. In total, the review should take no more than 4 hours of a firm’s time across 4-6 weeks.

How does Accelerate ACC Support work?

Any client with current ACC invoicing is eligible for ACC Support. Accelerate ensures clients are on the correct classification unit and provides cover comparisons, payment plan options, automated administration and much more for an annual fee.

Contact us for more information on Accelerate ACC Support.

Why has ACC overcharged clients due to a change in how theyreceive earnings?

On occasion, a change in the way earnings are received can result in an overlap of cover with ACC invoicing. It’s difficult to identify, but this overlap can mean a client may have paid for a portion of ACC cover twice or paid for cover that was not required.

For a business, a change to earnings can also result in an overlap of cover with ACC invoicing. For example, a business may cease to pay Shareholder Salary, cease to employ staff, file a nil PAYE return or cease trading. The business may have paid for a portion of ACC cover twice, or paid for ACC cover which was not required, as the business ceased trading.

Why does Accelerate Engine charge a 33% commission?

On average, accounting and ACC staff take 1-2 days to scan all ACC invoices for one client. Accelerate Engine software scans thousands of client invoices to discover payment errors in minutes.

This fee includes refund discovery, obtaining declaration, filing reassessment, and liaising directly with ACC. We require direct payment for this fee.